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1,000,000,000 children are living in poverty.





We are connecting humans across the world in a fight to

end child poverty.


Education is our weapon. Become connected!


Embracelets Connect is a non-profit organization that provides light to a place of darkness through education, sustainability, and connectedness for the forgotten children of the world.



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Our impact

Give Literacy

​Our approach to breaking the cycle of poverty is simple. We treat every child as an individual. That means a child whose reading level is 0% at the age of 13 should not receive the same teaching approach as a child whose reading level is 40% at the age of 8. Our teachers are handpicked by the local leadership to ensure that our children receive quality education with promising results. Education is the vehicle that will help them reach the highest expression of their potential.

Provide Shelter

Every child deserves a place to sleep at night. One of the things we are doing first is to fund rehabilitative construction projects for an orphanage to provide sustainable living conditions for its children. The goal is to provide a feeling of home, security, and safety with repairs ranging from flooring, roofing, plumbing, and even to electrical wiring. The things we all take for granted, they need.

Become Connected

Raise your fists proudly and become connected with the forgotten children of the world. We want you to stay in touch by returning to our website so you can see how the children are progressing. As time moves on you can track the progress we’re making. Our goal is 100% transparency.

A mathematics lover! Who would have thought? Certainly not her friends, because she never told anyone, too afraid to appear ‘different.’ Third born, Amalia has five siblings but due to poverty they must grow up separately from one another, and far away. Even so she has dreams like all little girls have. Like visiting the beach -- she’s only ever seen one on T.V. Riding a bicycle in her favorite jeans, the best article of clothing she owns. Maleficent is her favorite movie, and she’s a huge fan of chicken but hates lettuce...can you blame her though? One day Amalia hopes to become a veterinarian, and we hope she makes that dream, and all her others, come true.
Have you ever met a special person who so easily loves people even though they don't always love them back? Well, that’s Allison! The 10 year old girl will assure you she loves every single person even when she or the other, gets upset. Allison is the oldest of two siblings (5 and 2 years old respectively), and is the only girl. Her favorite sport is kickball. Her favorite food is grilled beef, but fish she’d rather not eat. She has been reading Harry Potter, right now is on book three. As well as reading, she has a passion for the sky above us all, vowing one day she will have a telescope to see the moon closer!
Kathy and Wendy's younger sister, Mary is 11 years old and for her God is first in everything. After Him is her mother, even though she hasn't seen her in a while. She didn't know her father, just like Wendy didn’t, but her mother told her he passed away. We’re not sure if that’s true. She aspires to become a business woman. No, make that a successful business administrator. With God at her side, she believes it’s possible.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear bracelets. Hover to see what makes them heroic.


The twin brother of Fernando, this 7 year old boy has an obsession with soccer. Carlito's future goal is to become a fighter jet pilot, but who knows if soccer will beckon to him more loudly as the years pass. Lito and Nando’s mother doesn't want to be with them. Their father never wanted to take care of them either. Every night they pray to have new parents. Sometimes they go to sleep crying because they don't have a real mother and a father.
Lito’s twin is of course 7 years old, too. Like his brother, he enjoys playing soccer. He also enjoys riding horses. Fernando’s dream is to become a firefighter because he says he wants to be a hero and save lives. Every night these brothers pray to have new parents. Sometimes they go to sleep crying because they don't have a real mother and a father.
With her zealous attitude it’s hard to say no to Cella, an energetic 4 year old who loves to play and enjoy herself. Francella has a passion for lollipops, but not as much as she loves the color pink. The third of four siblings, her mother is a prostitute, her father a drug addict. The community where she lived helped little Cella. They spoke to someone, asking to take her and her little sister, Celli, away from that dysfunctional family. She loves taking pictures and videos. This 4 year old is an artist; she wants to be a professional photographer!
Wendy and Mary’s older sister Kathy is 15 years old. Exposed to a hard world since her mother was involved in prostitution, Kathy is considering becoming a nun, but hasn’t decided yet. She never met her father, and has voiced her wishes that she’d been born into a normal family. Escaping into romantic novels is where her heart finds solace. Certainly not in laundry -- she’s not a fan...and we can’t blame her!
The community didn’t help just one little girl. Cella -- Francella -- has a younger sister, only 2 years old. Celli barely spoke when she arrived at the orphanage, overwhelmed by the world she’d left and the unknown one of where she’d been brought to. She’s been opening up since, and is very intelligent. Yelo, as the other little girls call her, loves lollipops, ice cream and dancing with a big smile.
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Managuan native, 9 year old Gabi has been at the orphanage for 1 year, left behind by her parents, who are still together and live in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. We are hoping they left her at the orphanage to save her, and give her a better life, but we aren’t sure. She is the youngest of three children; her brothers are 15 and 18 years old. She considers herself a smart girl and mathematics is the subject she likes the most at school, so we’re sure she’s right about that. One of her favorite hobbies is folk dancing, and she’s quite good at that, too!
13 year old Jazmina used to live with her mom, but sadly she passed away. And worse, Jazmina witnessed her mother’s murder -- something no child should ever see. After that tragic day, Jazmina tried to live with her father and stepmom, but after her father found it too hard to live up to his duties, he decided to take her to the orphanage. Despite all that, Jazmina is a sweet girl who likes to do homework, laundry and cleaning, something few teenagers can say. She wants to become a lawyer and with her courage after what she’s faced, she just might succeed.
Many teenagers are afraid to dance for fear of what people might think. But not Miley. This 16 year old girl has a joy for music and will happily dance away to any type. Her absolute favorite food is grilled steak. Pasta, not so much. Her dreams are big, and she’s weighing which one she wants to be more, a pilot or physical therapist. She has five siblings, but they aren’t all with her. One was adopted in 2013 and lives in the U.S. Miley's father passed away and she doesn't know the reason.
8 years old, Mirell was abandoned by her parents and for a while her grandmother stepped in and took care of her. Then fate dealt another cruel blow when her grandmother fell sick and had to take Mirell to the orphanage. The 8 year old child has lived there now for seventeen months and despite being abandoned, she loves to make people laugh. She’s an energetic girl, has a passion for pizza, and feels math is not her strong suit. But animals? Yes, please. She’d love to be a veterinarian one day.
The middle child of three siblings, Sochi is 12 years old. She sees her mother once a year and her father passed away in a car accident when she was only 3. Because of him leaving so early, she only has vague memories with him. Despite that, our heart-wide-open Sochi says those are enough for her, and she misses him so much. Sochi wants to be a veterinarian. She enjoys reading novels, but don’t ask her to sing. She definitely doesn't like to sing. Give her a book and the song will play in her heart.
Like many pre-teens, Wendy’s a huge fan of spending time with her girlfriends, talking and playing. She’d love to take ballet class because dancing is one of her greatest joys. Singing, not so much. And cleaning activities are her least favorite thing to do, but I can’t fault her that. I’m the same. Wendy has five siblings and two live in the orphanage with her. Since 2014 she hasn’t seen her mom, and doesn’t know who her father is. Even with those hardships, she’s a brave girl who’d love to explore the world one day as an archeologist.

so, where's the money going?

100% of profits made go directly to fund education for impoverished orphaned children of Nicaragua and Kenya. The affected children lack basic ability to read and write.


Every $2,000 funds six months of high quality education for twenty children.


In the immortal words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.




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